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Tim Hardaway Jr. will enter the NBA draft

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The junior leaves Michigan to pursue an NBA career.


This one isn't much of a surprise. As I said earlier today, Tim doesn't have a whole lot to come back for when one weighs his draft stock. This was a wise decision to hopefully catch on to a NBA roster and continue his development into a rotation player on the next level.

That being said, I am going to miss Hardaway. For his struggles with consistency, there were few things more exciting than seeing that moment where the light went on and he got hot. One of the few players in the Big Ten that could almost singlehandedly bury a team by himself if he was feeling it.

What he gave Michigan were three very good years, and while Burke's ascent to the top of the college game overshadowed some of Hardaway's achievements, it doesn't make him any less important in Michigan's success these past few years.

We'll miss you, Tim. You were a true Wolverine.