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And, they're back

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Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III will return for their sophomore year.

Awkward picture?  Check.
Awkward picture? Check.

News leaked earlier, but now it is official. Michigan gets two very important pieces back for next year's team.

This is huge news for Michigan, and probably places the Wolverines in the top ten of a number of pretty much every meaningless pre-season poll. While Michigan will be forced to replace the backcourt duo of Burke and Hardaway, the two highest usage players in the offense, getting back these two solidifies the frontcourt and sets John Beilein up with a number of options for lineups now that he is adding another talented recruiting class. The Wolverines will have three starters back, and all three will be getting the benefit of their first full off season in the program.

Its a good day to be a Michigan fan.