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Spring Game Week in Review

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The Michigan basketball team is officially in the offseason, and spring football wrapped. It was still a busy week of return and departures for the basketball roster, plus a recruiting victory for football. Michigan has a long wait to the season opener but made some news this week nonetheless. Here's our recap.

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Michigan lost two pillars of its basketball resurgence, but retained two others. The closure of basketball season and spring football devolves into the long, dark off season, and let's face it, baseball is not an adequate time-filler. Football is on the horizon, but getting there is the true test of fandom. As Michigan's spring arrives, a rundown of last week's stories.

Trey Burke Moves On to the League. He came to Michigan, put the program on his back and left with merely a shared conference title and an appearance in the national championship game. Why he didn't do more is baffling. Burke made the announcement last weekend, and left behind a legend. Too many amazing moments came from number three, and I have yet to delete the Kansas game from the DVR because that shot was the assembly of all the parts of that legend.

Tim Hardaway, Jr. Followed Burke. I'm unsure at this point whether Hardaway himself or Tim Senior's block 'M' beanie will be missed more. I think both had similarly-sized cult followings. Junior was often the spark of the three Michigan teams he played on, burying a clutch shot or highlight-worthy dunk at critical points in games. When Hardaway was on, he didn't miss, and won Michigan a lot of games when other guys were struggling.

McGary and Robinson III Collectively Come Back for More. In what is likely the tallest "package deal" in any Michigan sport, the basketball duo chose to return to school. Mitch McGary and Glen Robinson III caused all of Ann Arbor to exhale so strongly it nearly blew the town a mile further down State Street. Rest easy, more 360-degree dunks and wild man antics are coming to your local Crisler Center soon.

Oh Right, Football Had A Spring Game. The winged helmets came out of the tunnel for the first time since last November, as well as some guy in an orange jersey. Reports later confirmed it was Devin Gardner but really he should have been in a bubble wrap jersey. Did we learn anything? Michigan has talent, a capable quarterback, and a largely-intact defense. And, no injuries happened. Still no word on how many times "Seven Nation Army" was played, however.

Brady Hoke Caused an MSU Recruit to Come to His Senses. Drake Harris, the in-state wide receiver most recently courted by Michigan State, chose to come to Michigan instead. It wasn't some form of snake oil, Harris just got the urge to focus on football alone rather than both football and basketball. Michigan will use him at receiver, and why not come to a school that has been to a Rose Bowl in the last two decades.

Speaking of Sense, Big Ten Divisions Will Make it in 2014. When Drake Harris arrives to campus, he'll be able to brag to family and friends about two things. Not only does his school play in the same geographically-logical division as Michigan State, but said division is also smartly-named. ESPN reported that the Big Ten Conference is scrapping its Legends and Leaders names for the radical "East" and "West." When Maryland and Rutgers come aboard the Delany Train, the conference will also upgrade to a nine-game schedule.

Michigan Ends Drought of a Week Without a Championship. The men's gymnastics team won a national title, and then sang "The Victors" on the podium. Proof that the country is secretly powered by Michigan championships, and that it's impossible not to turn on a television at any given time and see one being awarded. (link)

And so we arrive at spring, the time of year where everyone asks, "is it fall yet?"