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Two former Michigan hockey stars up for NHL 14 cover

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Former Michigan hockey stars Andrew Cogliano and Carl Hagelin are on the ballot for EA Sports' NHL 14 cover.

Former Michigan hockey player Andrew Cogliano is up for EA Sports' NHL 14 cover.
Former Michigan hockey player Andrew Cogliano is up for EA Sports' NHL 14 cover.
EA Sports

Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson will be on the cover of NCAA Football 14, thanks to the several thousand U-M fans who voted for him.

Now Wolverines fans can vote for a former Michigan hockey player to grace the cover of EA Sports’ NHL 14.

According to, EA Sports is holding a fan vote to pick the cover athlete for its hockey franchise, with voting concluding June 2.

Because it wouldn’t be an EA Sports game without a prolonged vote for the cover athlete the process begins today for NHL 14. The first round features two players from each team head-to-head with the winner advancing to a bracket of 30 representatives. The cover campaign for NHL 13 lasted nearly three months – this one ends June 2 making it somewhat more tolerable.

Voting is completed through the official site where an unlimited number can be cast. The first round runs through April 28 with the second round beginning the next day. Up to 10 entries per day will qualify for a sweepstakes to win a trip to a Stanley Cup Finals game this summer.

Former Michigan stars Carl Hagelin and Andrew Cogliano are on the ballot to grace the cover of this year’s game.

Hagelin played for Michigan from 2007-11 and currently plays left wing for the New York Rangers, while Cogliano played for Michigan from 2005-07 and is now a center for the Anaheim Ducks.

With Hall of Fame and former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders in the finals for the cover of Madden NFL 14, it's possible for the state of Michigan to have three athletes on the cover of EA Sports' video games this fall.