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College Football Playoff Logos Include a FLAIL

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Hey, that logo looks like...

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The proposed logos for the College Football Playoff are more exciting than I anticipated...and by more exciting I mean that they really aren't exciting at all. However, each one does remind me of something.

The last time Logo 1 was being used, it was kicking Hitler's ass. Plus, it is made out of vibranium, so shit's gonna bounce right off...y'know, shit like criticism because it's the American flag. Who can criticize the Stars and Stripes, right? Logo 2 is just plain boring and makes me sleepy, so let's skip it. Logo 3 either aims high, or belongs to She-Ra. But, I guess my "favorite" one of these ridiculous things is Logo 4; it's the business end of a flail, and says "Vote for me or I shall smite thee!" I suppose if #4 wins, the NCAA can show Sauron stepping onto a field and destroying the BCS logo with a ridiculously large version of this one.

When it comes right down to it, though, I will not care or pay attention to these things. Sooner or later the damn logo is just going to look like a bracket for March Madness anyway, so I'm not going to get too worked up over the mediocrity of the current candidates. But, please let it be the flail!