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Week of the Draft In Review

The long national nightmare known as the NFL Draft is over, and two of Michigan's guys had their name called. The weather has begun to warm up, which can only mean people will complain about decisions involving their football season tickets. Meanwhile, Greg Mattison kicks himself for not demanding the inclusion of a clause in his new contract that gets him an invite to the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Let's take a fond look back at Michigan's week.

Gregory Shamus

Rest easy, football fans. Mel Kiper, Jr. and Mike Mayock have receded back into their dwellings for the year now that the draft is over. Michigan, meanwhile, is still out in force getting recruits and sending guys to the NFL. It's incredible that no Michigan player went before the fifth round, but hey, Michigan had more draftees than Purdue, Iowa, Minnesota, and Indiana.

This week's recap:

Denard Robinson Got the Call. The Jacksonville Jaguars deemed it a worthy cause to send Denard Robinson to his native state to play in the NFL. Of course we don't yet know how the Jags will use Denard, but they're getting a jar of rocket fuel already acclimated to Florida humidity. It is so on.



In the sixth round, Will Campbell got drafted by the New York Jets (someone has to tell Tebow he's being traded, after all). Craig Roh was then scooped up by the Carolina Panthers shortly after the draft ended. Later on, Elliott Mealer was picked up by the New Orleans Saints to instruct them on proper beard cultivation. Then, Roy Rountree went to the Bengals, Patrick Omameh to the 49ers, Kenny Demens to the Texans, Ricky Barnum to the Redskins, and Jordan Kovacs will take his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Dolphins.

Nik Stauskas Made Many Three-Pointers.

Golden Gate Warrior Stephen Curry had this to say:

Moe Ways and Ian Bunting Commit to the Good Guys. Brady Hoke got two commits this week for 2014. in two high-need areas for the offense to compliment the big get of Drake Harris. Maurice Ways was a bit of a lock for Michigan, but a talented, athletic receiver nonetheless. Ian Bunting will come in at tight end, something Brady Hoke and Al Borges clearly see as a weapon in their offense going forward. Apologies, slot ninja receivers, you may get superseded by two tight end sets in the near future.

Aptly-named College Football Playoff Is Now a Thing. Bowl Championship Series, the bell tolls for thee. The mysterious playoff-like thing that was announced for the 2014-2015 season is now called a playoff, officially. The NCAA was always going to be on board with something that will make even more money than the BCS did, but one thing is still a mystery: how in the world the four teams will be chosen. If anything with computer rankings is announced, set to defcon one.

Michigan Athletic Department Angers Fake Student Fans. I get it, student fans, you protect your football ticket priority like you would your own child. But then there's this:

Good heavens. No wonder the Michigan Athletic Department chose to pull the trigger on general admission seating. The release from

New this season is that all student seating will be GENERAL ADMISSION. This change in policy from reserved seating was put in place as the student section is the driving force behind our home field advantage and we need students to get there early and often to create a loud and full student section for kickoff.

There are still details to figure out, but the only thing left for you students to figure out is how early to quit partying to get to the seats you think you're entitled to anyway.