Neutral Site Season Ticket Question

This is kind of a random post, especially from someone who isn't a Michigan fan, but I hope you all can answer a question for me. I've found myself talking about the sort of big, early season, neutral site game that Michigan played against Alabama last year today in light of the 9 game B1G schedule. Is there anybody here who knows how the UM Athletic Department handled season ticket holders in that game? While I know that WI, Iowa, or any other school may handle things differently I think that it's realistic to think that those schools might contact Michigan for reference or guidance. Was that game part of the season ticket package? It appears that you haven't been hit with the seat "donation" yet so that probably didn't factor into it, but if the game was part of the season ticket package was your seat location similar to your position relative to the 50 at Michigan Stadium? Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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