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Michigan's Borges has confidence in both Shane Morris and Brian Cleary as 2013 backups

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The Michigan football team will have to make a major decision at backup quarterback in fall camp this season, especially if walk-on Brian Cleary cannot get the job done.

Michigan lost, what several people believed, its sure-fire backup quarterback when Russell Bellomy suffered an ACL injury in spring practice last week.

For now, U-M’s backup is walk-on Brian Cleary. But that could change when freshman Shane Morris gets on campus this summer.

Many U-M fans believed Morris would be redshirted to preserve his eligibility. Offensive coordinator Al Borges said that option was never under consideration, according to Angelique Chenglis of the Detroit News. He also added that Morris is one step closer to becoming the starter now that Bellomy is out of the picture.

"I never really thought he would be redshirted," Borges said of Morris. "He’s going to come in and compete anyway. There’s one less slot there to go through, so that’s all it impacted. He knows there’s one less body."

Borges also believes in Cleary’s ability to get the job done as a backup.

"He’s real bright," he said. "His deal was to get football-smart, get some experience, let him learn a little bit through trial and understanding.

"If you watch Brian throw the ball, you would think he’s a scholarship player."

Assuming starter Devin Gardner does not get injured, it’s safe to say the U-M coaching staff is confident in both of its backup options.