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MnB interviews the designer of the 2013 Michigan football season shirt

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Emma Bumstead, a 2011 graduate from Michigan, was the genius behind the design that over 20,000 students will wear on a shirt this fall.

Fans of the Michigan football team voted for the 2013 season t-shirt via Twitter in late March.
Fans of the Michigan football team voted for the 2013 season t-shirt via Twitter in late March.

Over 20,000 students will wear the 2012 Michigan football season shirt this fall.

Someone had to create the design for the shirt and that person was Emma Bumstead.

Bumstead, a 2011 graduate from U-M, grew up in Chelsea, Mich. and was hired by the athletics department on Mar. 4. Her first assignment was to create a shirt design the department would use in its Twitter contest in late March.

She was shocked when she found out her design had beat out three other third-party designs from notable companies.

“I’m a very fresh employee,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting anything like this to happen right off the bat.”

The department estimates 20,000 students will wear her shirt at each game in Michigan Stadium this fall.

“It hasn’t hit me yet, because, right now, it feels like I just won a contest,” she said. “I’m having a hard time visualizing how so many people will be wearing my shirt.”

Bumstead said a close friend told her about the position while the two of them attended a Michigan sporting event earlier this year.

“I looked at the graphics on the scoreboard and said to my friend that it would be really cool to design and make those,” Bumstead said. “The same friend said, ‘hey, there’s actually an opening in the design department in the athletics department.’”

Bumstead applied and interviewed for the job. She said she was ecstatic when the department offered her the position.

“I told them it’d be honor and a privilege to work for them,” she said. “I had enjoyed so many games not too long ago when I was in school.”

Bumstead said her next project is to create the design for the football season tickets. She said the selection process for the design will work the same way how the department picked her shirt design.

“They might like my design, or they might go with an outside vendor,” she said.

Like the shirt, the department did not give any parameters to what the tickets should look like. She is excited she gets to use her own creative ideas to design the face of the tickets, something she was able to do when working on the shirts.

“I picked what I really wanted to see on a shirt,” she added. “My supervisor gave me a couple of awesome pictures to use, but the rest of the work were my ideas.”