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Michigan falls to Louisville 82-76; Goodnight.

The Wolverines fall after a hard fought game against the top seeded Louisville Cardinals.

Andy Lyons

All hail the narrative.

Michigan fell just short, as Louisville shook off a slow start and a furious infusion of SPIKE ALBRECHT to pull the game within one at half, and slowly take control in the second.

The first half was defined by two role players stepping up big. First it was Albrecht, scoring 17 points and nearly blowing the internet up. Then, Luke Hancock went off as the half wound down. It would be that run that set the tone.

The second half would see Michigan struggle to consistently execute as Louisville had all the right moves. The lead would slowly grow despite the efforts of Trey Burke, who finished with 24 points despite spending 14 first half minutes on the bench. Mitch McGary, the tournament's breakout star, would score just six points and pull in six rebounds while getting into foul trouble midway through the second half.

Louisville won because of pressure, which forced Michigan into a number of uncharacteristic mistakes, and offensive rebounding in the second half.

That's it folks.

If you want to vent about the game, the refs, or something else negative, take it somewhere else. I'm not going to have it. I have as many problems with all of that as you do, but tonight is about something else. It's about this team.

You just watched the best Michigan team in 20 years put together a furious tournament run. Appreciate it.

Thank you, Michigan basketball. Thank you Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway. Thank you Mitch McGary and Spike Albrecht. Thank all of you.

Go blue. Now and forever.