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Man of the hour Spike Albrecht spits game to Kate Upton on Twitter

Which lucky lady would you approach during your five minutes of fame? Spike Albrecht picked model Kate Upton after scoring 17 points in the first half of the National Championship against Louisville on Monday.

Kate Upton watched the National Championship live in Atlanta on Monday
Kate Upton watched the National Championship live in Atlanta on Monday
Kate Upton/Busted Coverage

I’m sure you were one of the people who tweeted about Spike Albrecht’s chances with the ladies improving after his 17-point first half against Louisville on Monday night.

I know I was one of those clowns. The problem is I never thought he’d aim for the parking lot by swinging for Kate Upton. Yes, that Kate Upton.

Albrecht outkicked his coverage when he tweeted a special thank you to Kate Upton on Tuesday. What his intentions were with the tweet are unknown.

I know why I would shout her out 12 hours removed from the greatest game of my life.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>@<a href="">kateupton</a> hey saw you at the game last night, thanks for coming out! Hope to see you again 😉</p>&mdash; spike albrecht (@SpikeAlbrecht) <a href="">April 9, 2013</a></blockquote>

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If Louisville coach Rick Pitino actually used his Twitter account, what scantily-clad gal would he message? Sydney Barlette, maybe?

As of 5:26 p.m., Albrecht’s tweet was retweeted 10,268 times and favorited 5,509 times.