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Departures from footballl -- like death -- come in threes, apparently

Michigan sees two more players exit the roster in S Marvin Robinson and LB Mike Jones.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE


You all get the joke. Michigan is losing two more players from its spring depth chart. Neither is that surprising or important to the immediate or long term success of the team.

Linebacker Mike Jones mainly existed as a pop culture joke wrapped around a playing time/roster joke. He was a special teams player that never got a serious look as a WLB option. He would have been a fifth year senior this season, so he got his full four years in and wouldn't have brought much else to the team.

The loss of safety Marvin Robinson hurts a little more, but that is more based on the fact that he held so much promise. Long held to be high on Michigan as a recruit, it looked early on that MRob might achieve five-star status and show up to campus as the next great hope at safety. He topped out as a four-star recruit and never showed the instincts necessary for safety, which is a sure way to keep yourself nailed to the bench when you're competing for a job with Jordan Kovacs. It looked in the spring like Robinson was once again in line for a backup role, so leaving now will give him one year to play somewhere else and hopefully find a starting job.

Michigan is now comfortably under the 85 man roster cap and could add, say, a grad-year transfer quarterback if one such person existed? However, few people are going to willingly transfer into a backup role, so that could be a tough sell.