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Five-star CB Jabrill Peppers to announce college decision May 26th

Things are winding down for the highly regarded defensive prospect, and he will make his decision between Michigan, Penn State, Stanford, LSU, and just about everyone else in the country soon.

Leon Halip

Kind of a big deal, you guys.

There are plan-A recruits, and then there are "holy crap he is really strongly considering us?" recruits that headline a class. Peppers, widely regarded as the second overall prospect in the country and a unanimous five-star prospect, is certainly the latter.

Michigan has been on Peppers' radar for a while now, and while he has visited a few schools and come back with nice comments, his visit reaction after spending a weekend in Ann Arbor was positively glowing. As he told Rivals':

"Now I don't even know what to expect anymore," Peppers laughed. "Michigan just completely exceeded my expectations. I'm just going to have to see how Michigan and Ohio State pair up and it should be a great experience but Michigan was probably one of the best visits I've been on without a doubt. Everything felt right."

The other major leader for Peppers' commitment was long held to be Stanford (always love hearing a kid is high on Stanford) and it was going to be his summer visit to Palo Alto that ultimately made his decision. That is, until that visit became hard to schedule being as it is in Palo Alto and Peppers lives in New Jersey.

In its stead, Peppers will visit one last school, Penn State, this weekend before announcing his college decision next week on May 26th.

Lest all this talk of visits and announcement dates distract you from the matter at hand, let me once again remind you that Jabrill Peppers is a monster recruit, DO WANT DO WANT DO WANT.

Seriously, we've already told you about his ridiculous track exploits, and SBN's Bud Elliot basically said everything short of "Jabrill Peppers is from outer space". If Michigan can land Peppers -- and as of now all 20 of 247's Crystal Ball predictions have Peppers ending up blue -- it will be getting the kind of recruit that can become a mainstay in the secondary and a potential all-American.

Rest assured, this is the biggest announcement Michigan recruiting has been involved in since, well, Derrick Green committed to the Wolverines a few months ago.

Michigan recruiting these days: pretty good. Srsly, you guys.