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Week in Review Doesn't Chicken Out

Michigan continues its recruiting blitz snatching up players rumored to be choosing other schools. Meanwhile, Notre Dame decided to pursue a career in ACC mediocrity leaving Michigan no choice but to put the phrase "Notre Lame" back into circulation. Your week in review:

Gregory Shamus

Brady Hoke Called Notre Dame A Word And People Got Mad. Sure, it was a speech to a group of alumni and donors, but have we known Hoke to ever mince words? Of course he's going to call out Notre Dame if given the chance. Look on the bright side, though, that's fewer games we have to hear announced by Tom Hammond.

Michigan State Loses Another Recruit But Not to Michigan. The poor Spartans can't catch a break, and have become the Big Ten's resident swiss cheese school. Their latest football recruit chose rapping instead of playing football.

Moar Recruits. Lawrence Marshall chose Michigan, as did other guys. Careful, Michigan, if you sign even more recruits, some might think we're Alabama.

Michigan's Secondary Possibly Is Good. The weak spot in Michigan's defense the last few seasons might be good. Michigan will need a reliable unit back there with some weakness in the linebacker spots.

2014 B1G Schedule Released, Contains Teams From Faraway Lands. Michigan got the better division and its conference rivalries locked down, but a good home schedule that does not make. Instead of getting excited to play Wisconsin or Nebraska, Michigan gets Maryland and Rutgers. Throw in the game against a team we shall not name in the opener, and we've got a gauntlet of mediocrity to face.