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Golson Out at Notre Dame. Who Will Michigan Face Under the Lights?

Notre Dame's misfortune makes the September 7 match-up even more interesting. Will Tommy Rees be the new starting QB, or will Gunner Kiel be the prodigal son, and return from Cincinnati?

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Notre Dame starting QB, Everett Golson, is out. You can check out how the Irish fans are feeling here. I won't get into the speculation game as better info is sure to come out within hours or days.

What does this mean for the last match-up at Michigan Stadium between these two teams? Senior Tommy Rees will more than likely be the starter on September 7, even though former Hoosier Domer, Gunner Kiel, could come back from Cincinnati and be eligible right away. The last time we saw Tommy Rees at the Big House was also at night, and I really don't think I need to remind anyone of the result. It's just fair to say that britches within both fan-bases were polluted that night. Rees was a solid 27/39 for 315 yards and three TDs, as Michael Floyd and Theo Riddick were frustratingly open all night. Infuriatingly open. The Irish no longer have Floyd, Riddick, or Cierre Wood to tear apart the defense this year. Last year's game in South Bend also saw Rees play, but he was only 8/11 for 115 yards. Turnovers and Notre Dame's defense lost this game for the Wolverines, but I recall this only through research on the series of tubes that make up the internet; otherwise, this is a memory I prefer to repress.

Again, no Riddick, Floyd, Wood, (or Te'o) means that this probably won't be a repeat of 2011 or 2012. Rees is a senior and has had some very solid performances and could cause some problems for the Wolverines D, but this departure could also seriously get into the heads of the Irish...specifically head coach Brian Kelly. Will he be a red-faced rage monster? all things I hold dear...I swear I'll be a good man for the rest of my days.