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Going to Iowa City for the Michigan Game this year?

Sports Power Weekends offers a great way to go watch the Wolverines play in Iowa City on November 23rd.

Reese Strickland

One of the biggest issues I have with adding Rutgers and Maryland to the Big Ten is that it cuts into the traditional Big Ten rivalry games. There is storied history between all these traditional Big Ten programs that isn't easily replicated. It comes from years and years of matchups. The hate built up after grueling losses and celebrated wins.

When I was a freshman in college Michigan played Iowa in Iowa City and handed the Wolverines their second loss of the season. Michigan had a big lead early but stalled and let Iowa take control. Ultimately, the Wolverines fell short.

Whenever Michigan plays Iowa I think about that game. I think about Michigan falling short in 2009 and 2010 against the Hawkeyes. And I think back to high school, watching Marquise Walker transform his right hand into a laundry basket to reel in one of the best catches I had seen in my life up until that point.

I don't get that same feeling when I think about Rutgers or Maryland. I think about my eighth grade self, starting my first dynasty mode on NCAA '98 and putting Rutgers on the schedule every single year because it was a guaranteed win when you simulated the game (I simulated all of them other that OSU and the bowl game. Although I was mostly interested in recruiting. I also didn't last very long as coach at Michigan).

My point? Michigan plays Iowa in Iowa City this year, and that will be the last matchup for at least a couple years. What better way to enjoy that game than by being there, in the stands, as Michigan and Iowa create another chapter in the long series of clashes between the program we love and one of the ones we love to hate.

Jared, from Sports Power Weekend gives you the scoop:

With Iowa and Michigan being split up into separate divisions and not scheduled to play in 2014 or 2015, who knows when Michigan fans will get their next chance to travel to Iowa City. For that reason alone it would be a shame to miss this game, and on top of that traveling to Iowa makes for one of the Big Ten's best away trips.

Concerned that it'll be difficult to find tickets with your friends, and sit with other Michigan fans? Having trouble finding a reputable hotel near the stadium, or finding transportation to the game? Maybe you don't have the time to do the research, or money to pay for marked up tickets on StubHub. Well it appears as though Sports Power Weekends might be perfect for you and your group!

We have a block of game tickets for Michigan fans, and hotel rooms at the Marriott Residence Inn Coralville (with transportation to the stadium), as well as an all-you-can-eat tailgate adjacent to Kinnick Stadium. And best of all, it won't break the bank. It'll be a true Michigan fan community feel in Iowa City, and you won't want to miss it!

Check out all of the details here, and we'll see you in Iowa City.

Go Blue. Go to Iowa City.