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There Are 94 Days to Michigan Football

Waiting for the opening Saturday of college football is agonizing. All we want is 13 weeks of Brent Musberger "pardner" one-liners, the buzz of Michigan Stadium in late November, and jokes about the Bowl Championship Series. Fear not, bleary-eyed traveler. This is a continuing series intended to get through the long, hot summer and back to the glory of football season.

Gregory Shamus

Team 94's season was not particularly remarkable even for as good as Michigan was in the Seventies. Another stacked roster, lopsided victories, multiple shutouts. Tied for the conference championship (again) with Ohio State. Dennis Franklin and company blazed through the regular season but were again left out of the bowl picture because of the Buckeyes. If there's one thing the Michigan teams of the 1970s are remembered for, it's all the times their postseason dreams were crushed by that team from Ohio.