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There Are 92 Days to Michigan Football

Waiting for the opening Saturday of college football is agonizing. All we want is 13 weeks of Brent Musberger "pardner" one-liners, the buzz of Michigan Stadium in late November, and jokes about the Bowl Championship Series. Fear not, bleary-eyed traveler. This is a continuing series intended to get through the long, hot summer and back to the glory of football season.

Jonathan Daniel

Bo Schembechler's second team was another loaded squad of wolverines, and the first quarterback he coached was Don Moorhead. Moorhead broke 24 school records in various offensive categories, and was the captain of the team that lost only one game in 1970. That winning streak included a gem against Michigan State, which was the only home game on the schedule that broke 100,000 in attendance (your ears aren't deceiving you there really isn't sound).

Dan Dierdorf was also on that team, becoming a consensus All-American while helping Michigan running backs break loads of records. The best thing about Moorhead is that not only is he from my own backyard but he never wanted to go anywhere but Michigan when being recruited. One would think watching tape of Michigan in the 1970s is a time warp to the future of spread 'n shred, but it was just Moorhead's natural ability to run the belly option when most of his opponents were stuck in the age of the I-formation.