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Your Friday Drinking Instructions are Short and Sweet

Just one beer today, folks, but I give you some M-Iowa highlights instead.

Gregory Shamus

Let's just start with this:

Ahh, that was nice. I miss me some football. We all do. For me, that was my first live Michigan game of the season (shameful!) coming off of an extended fall of traveling for work. Seeing the seniors one last time at the Big House was magical, and it was the most complete game Michigan played all season, even with an injured Denard.

Watching the Funchess in this game made me realize how much bigger Michigan's gotten under Brady Hoke. Yes, they still have a slot ninja in Drew Dileo, but gone are the days where they line up two tiny dudes at WR. Then I started thinking about how exciting it would be to have a punt returner like Odoms on a good day:

Or any of these:

In the mood for a beer yet? I got one for you. Short and sweet. I was really excited to look for a Kuhnhenn Vienna Lager, but I couldn't find one - but I was in Denver last weekend and found some Iowa beer! Hadn't heard of Backpocket Brewing before, but I dig the cut of their jib. I only got a chance to try their Slingshot dunkel, which reminded me a lot of a Vienna Lager (I'll write more about these once I try this year's Bell's Smoked Vienna). It was perfect for a warm day - not too light, not too dark, though not traditionally dunkel. It comes in a cool bottle, too:


I'm sorry I didn't get out to Iowa City for a game recently to write about their beers on tap, but if the rest of Backpocket is this good, I'll stop back there next time Michigan plays in the West division (could be a while...)

Enjoy your weekend, Michigan Faithful! Cheers!