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Week In Review Graduates With Honors

Many Michigan students graduated yesterday, including Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson. Springtime means recruiting, athletic meetings, and conference housekeeping. The SEC played catch-up to the Big Ten with it's own television network and paid someone a lot of money to come up with the logo ESPN had been using. Here's our (late) recap.

Leon Halip

The news slows down in May, but as a new class of Michigan alumni go out into the world, Michigan athletics is tasked with filling the hours until August. There's recruiting, rankings, and spring sports.

The week that was:

Adidas In Trouble and Not for Zubaz. Well, sort of. ESPN published a report about some serious problems at one of their factories, and the Michigan Athletic Department could decide to consider dropping the lucrative Adidas contract for good. That sound you hear is every Michigan fan quietly whispering into their pillows, "We missed you, Nike."

Michigan Basketball Getting A Lot of Love Early. No Trey Burke, no Tim Hardaway, Jr. Ha! What rebuilding year? The basketball analysts seem unfazed by Michigan's departures. Many have next season's team in the top fivealready. Just wait until Mitch McGary comes back from summer workouts and performs like a ballerina on steroids.

Women's Softball Team Merely Wins Another Conference Title. Carol Hutchins and her softball team have won six straight Big Ten championships. Is it a dynasty? Maybe, but making a ridiculous analogy seems premature. Michigan fans only need be alarmed if someone throws out a "New York Yankees of college softball" comparison. In which case the team would be filled with injuries, overpaid, and talked about on "Sportscenter" for nine hours a day.

Recruiting Continues, And Stays off Twitter. Brady Hoke does not have a Twitter account. Brady Hoke does not need a Twitter account. When manball was invented, there was no Twitter. He doesn't feel the need to hashtag outrageous phrases, unlike certain members of Ohio State's coaching staff. Brady Hoke also doesn't wear jackets in cold weather. Michigan made some more recruiting offers and signed another offensive lineman. All were done without the use of Twitter. You be the one to suggest he use Twitter and tell me how that works out.

Hold steady, Michigan. You shall be free of your Zubaz shackles soon enough.