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There Are 115 Days to Football Season

Waiting for the opening Saturday of college football is agonizing. All we want is 13 weeks of Brent Musberger "pardner" one-liners, the buzz of Michigan Stadium in late November, and jokes about the Bowl Championship Series. Fear not, bleary-eyed traveler. This is a continuing series with the purpose of getting through the long, hot summer and back to the glory of football season.


Gary Moeller's final Michigan team had some extraordinary talent. Team 115 had many all-conference stars and two All-Americans.

Remy Hamilton was one of those All-Americans. With one kick he demolished the legend of Ron Paulus and likely made Lou Holtz think about early retirement.

Try not to stare at all the white Michigan shirts in the crowd for too long. Of course, none could have foreseen that this was not to be the last supremely satisfying victory of Notre Dame.