Welcome Home Chris Webber?

As you know, Chris Webber's long time ban from the University of Michigan ends soon. He will be officially able to contact the program again. But will Wolverine fans forgive him for his past transgressions which led to the downfall of the basketball program for years. As one of the biggest Wolverine slappies you'll ever come across, I'm willing to forgive Chris, but I would like for him to apologize to the entire Wolverine Nation. He should also reimburse the University some of the money it lost because of his sins. A good start would be the $200,000 he took from booster Ed Martin. But I can't totally hang Chris because the NCAA has been so hypocritical and unfair in passing out punishments. In the 20 years since C-Webb left Michigan, so many colleges have cheated, players took money and received other improper benefits yet the NCAA did little or nothing. It took something as tragic as the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State for them to finally act. They barely budged on the Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State Tattoo Gate Scandal and only gave USC football a slap on the wrist for the Reggie Bush/O.J. Mayo scandal. I forgive Bush as he's a Lion now, but I digress. Can Michigan fans forgive Chris Webber if he shows some remorse, offers to reimburse the university and makes amends by supporting the basketball team the same way Magic Johnson supports his beloved Sparties?

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