Maize Rage B-ball

Why Michigan will be national champions next year:

  1. I believe that Spike Albrecht has the potential to be amazing because of his outside shooting and incredible court vision.
  2. Mitch Mcgary is going to come back with improved mid range and free throw ability not to mention his exuberance and energy while playing.
  3. We have one of the best recruiting classes in the country. I think that players feel they'll become great at Michigan because of their great track record of making the good great. (ex. Trey Burke)
  4. The fan base at Michigan is the loudest and most ravid fan base in the nation.
  5. We have the best coaching tandem in America with John Belien and Bacari Alexander. One of the main reasons athletes come to Michigan is because of the coaches incredible motivational skills.
  6. Finally, Michigan is one of the most academically gifted schools in the nation. If an athlete doesn't have the skills to go pro, they can still have a future full of success and joy.

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