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Week In Review Drinks From Its Own Jug

This was what's conventionally known as a slow news week. MnB has Minnesota on the mind, and Brady Hoke's staff has recruiting on theirs. The news was light, but the scrappy gophers can be a weight on Michigan's shoulders if they get it together this season. The week that was:

Leon Halip

Minnesota Wants to Win a Contest and the Prize is a Bowl. It's not easy being wedged between Wisconsin and Nebraska in the conference's geographic map, but Minnesota is a fighter.

  • Building on the good vibes from year two of Jerry Kill
  • Despite the lop-sided series lead for Michigan, there are still some memorable games of years past. John Navarre's awakening as a Michigan QB came in 2003 when Michigan played a Friday night game against the Gophers. (Thanks, Metrodome!)
  • Minnesota's schedule is cupcake-laden, but a slightly favorable home schedule gives them a chance at a winning record.
  • The Daily Gopher handicaps the season ahead.
  • Minnesota is a land of beer and something called "hotdishes" but YFD has you covered.