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Week In Review Avoids Pink Locker Rooms

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Michigan makes a habit of keeping the football off season ripe with intrigue. Coaches say things that get blown up, recruits keep flowing in like the salmon of Capistrano. This week belongs to women's softball and a rapping cornerback. Also, a pig. Iowa is the lucky subject of the next Big Ten Preview, and while Kirk Ferentz seems to be the rock of conference coaches no matter how up and down his seasons are, Iowa remains just as scrappy to give Michigan fits. Your week that was:

Leon Halip

Women's Softball Enters World Series. They're the slight underdogs this time in terms of seeding, but Michigan as an underdog is an oxymoron. Tune in today for the game against Washington.

Jabrill Peppers Amusingly Commits to Michigan. It's the off season, and we needed a laugh. Despite a long delay from a softball game, ESPNU got around to airing Peppers's announcement. It's one thing to handle the extra pressure of a national audience, but to rap about it at the same time? Epic.

Iowa Begins Quest to Ruin Michigan's Season. Michigan and Iowa have played some classics over the years. The '85 game stands as the most titanic, when it was number one versus number two. The 1997 game was the hard-fought win that kept the national title alive. Iowa is known for two things: confounding quarterback play, and a pink locker room. How their offense will fare this year is anyone's guess.

Taylor Lewan Gave a Pig a Doctorate.

Take that, rival schools. Your meager offensive linemen can only dream of owning a pet pig.

2013 Defensive Line Hungers for Penn State Quarterbacks. Frank Clark, Jibreel Black and Quinton Washington are all back to wreak havoc, and expect them to be good.