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Week In Review Choo-Choo-Chooses You

Summer has arrived, and so has Darrell Hazell. Michigan won't see Purdue in 2013, relieving the fanbase from having to explain in great detail why a train can't boiler up. June and July are also the months where no news is often good news because that means no one is in trouble. The week that was:


Purdue's Road to Big Ten Relevance Doesn't Involve Michigan.

  • Michigan and Purdue have had some lopsided games, freak upsets, and some of the ugliest games in the modern era. The ugliest of ugly came in 1995, a game I missed due to a tonsillectomy, and I still thank my surgeon to this day -- Michigan lost 5-0 in a freak November snow/rain/sleet storm.
  • Neighbors over at Hammer and Rails look ahead to the Boilermakers' season, and wonder if Darrell Hazell can grow an awesome mustache.
  • Purdue has a recruit named Dwayne Johnson in their class. No, not that Dwayne Johnson, but boy would that be cool, right?

Analyzing Michigan's Pass Game Finds Hitches Everywhere. I only know the names of some of these pass routesfrom playing NCAA Football games, but the Borges playbook is a special thing.

John Runyan Has Offspring And He's A Michigan Target. Big John Runyan was a tad before I regularly attended games, but John Runyan, Jr. is on Michigan's radar. If junior follows father in all facets, don't expect a New Jersey congressional seat to wander outside the family.