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Friday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Sends Out A Warning

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FRR updates you on the very latest Michigan football recruiting rumblings. Is Michigan done recruiting the offensive line? Does the staff really have what it takes to lure Leonard Fournette away from the South? That and more.

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Michigan Lands Pair of 2015s

Michigan went into the week without a single commitment in the class of 2015. Things changed quickly as both kicker prospect Andrew David and offensive lineman legacy Jon Runyan Jr. pulled the trigger.

David hails from Massilon, Ohio. He's in the top ten of his position and should turn out to be a consistent placekicker, although kickers tend to have very all-or-nothing types of careers. He shows the ability to kick and punt the ball in his Hudl highlights.

The offer to Runyan during Michigan's camp didn't surprise too many people, and his commitment to Michigan surprises absolutely no one. Runyan's father played and dominated back in the early '90s thanks to solid size and an offensive lineman's attitude. I'm not sure if his son has the potential to be an All-American, but he has has good length and a frame that's easily capable of hauling 300 pounds around.

Runyan only checks in at a modest 250 pounds right now; I would expect that number to rise around 280 pounds before he gets to Michigan, and after that it's all about getting into the weight room as much as possible. He's technically sound for such a young prospect but has a long way to go in terms of aggression and brute strength. We'll have a New Blue post up on Runyan soon with a more thorough breakdown.

Leonard Fournette: Still A Pipe Dream

Michigan fans across the country rejoiced when the possibility of Leonard Fournette visiting unofficially became known. Fournette plays on a 7-on-7 passing team and could swing by Ann Arbor for an unofficial visit, which isn't exactly going completely out of his way to see Michigan if he's already planning on being in Chicago. Is it positive news? Yes, but it's news that needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

The only thing capable of separating Michigan from LSU and Alabama is Michigan's elite academic status. Both LSU and Alabama are on the lower end of BCS schools when it comes to education, and Fournette claims to be impressed by Michigan's academics. How often do southern prospects actually pick a school based on academics? Not often, and you can't blame them when the SEC powers pump out professionals like factories.

Anyway, I'm going to be a negative Ned and tell everyone not to get to attached to Fournette.

Jones Picks Buckeyes

Four-star offensive lineman prospect Jamarco Jones chose Ohio State over Michigan and Michigan State today. He apparently switched decisions multiple times:

Michigan is probably done on the offense line in the class of 2014. It's possible that another name pops up late in the process, but it's also unlikely.

Scott Set to Announce

Four-star Florida receiver Artavis Scott is set to make his decision this weekend at The Opening. This would have come across as great news about two weeks ago, but Scott's recent visit to Clemson has everyone believing that he's a heavy Tiger lean. I caved in to recent trends, for what it's worth.

What are the chances that Scott spurns the Tigers to become a Wolverine? Low, but it's possible:

Then again, what do you expect Scott to say? He isn't going to give his decision away and ruin his fifteen minutes of fame.

If Scott does indeed choose Clemson, Michigan will be left with two main targets at wide receiver, those being K.J. Williams and Freddy Canteen. I think Canteen could come in and make more of an immediate impact than Scott, although Scott has a ceiling that dwarfs Canteen's. Freddy's ability to beat corners with footwork makes him extremely valuable in the slot, so don't consider him a consolation prize. I'm not too excited about the possibility of adding Williams: the roster is already chock-full of slower, big-bodied receivers.

General Notes and Multimedia Items

Scout's Allen Trieu previews the Midwestern prospects who are heading to Oregon for The Opening. Drake Harris won't be there:

That's bittersweet. First off, Harris would have the opportunity to beat elite corners at The Opening, and could have even earned a fifth star with a blowout performance. I don't think he would have performed that well, but he would have solidified his position in the rankings and improved. The sweet part: Harris is sacrificing to make sure that he gets to campus early, which will allow him time to mesh with whatever quarterback is slinging the ball to him. He's going to start at some point in year one.

You can see The Opening on ESPNU:

It's really not worth watching, and that's coming from a recruiting writer.

It wouldn't be surprising to see this man in the League next year:

Gardner really is that good. Here's to hoping that he's still around to throw it to a loaded group of Funchess, Darboh, Harris, Butt, Jones, Chesson and company in 2014.

Michigan is still recruiting four-star safety Montae Nicholson:

He really wants to be at the Big House BBQ, which is always a great sign.

Finally, elite defensive end Lorenzo Carter didn't exactly have the best time at Ohio State. Way to be, Urban, way to be.