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MnB B1G Preview 2013: YFD gets the tailgating scoop from The Only Colors

Chris Vannini answered a few questions about tailgating and football tradition at Michigan State for us. This could be a handy guide for those of you traveling to East Lansing this year to watch the Michigan game.

Gregory Shamus

Where should visiting fans go when they come to East Lansing?

I'll direct you to Pete's EL Visitor's Guide for an overall look at things, but if you have time, you should get to the MSU Dairy Store (Moo U!) for ice cream, The Peanut Barrel for EL's best burger and Crunchy's for the best variety of beer. As for sightseeing, the Capitol down the road is something all Michiganders/Michiganians should visit. For entertainment, there are bands playing at quite a few bars, and the Wharton Center always has a broadway-style play in town. You could go ice skating at Munn Ice Arena on Friday nights, too. There's an outdoor mall, the Eastwood Towne Center, to the northwest. Of course, there are always parties along and north of Grand River Ave., but it's recommended you go in neutral colors.

What kind of reception should Michigan fans expect when visiting for a game?

Well, not good, obviously. You won't get batteries thrown at you, but anything non-violent (hopefully) you can imagine, U-M fans will face that. Being with an MSU friend should help prevent beverages from being thrown on you, though.

Let's say Michigan has a night game on your campus. Where do I go for food/beer before?

I mentioned it above, but The Peanut Barrel has the burgers, while Crunchy's has the beer and some more great food. Harper's is a restaurant that brews its own beers. Dublin Square is a classier place with great options, too. Tony's is the place to go for breakfast food the morning of or after a game. Golden Harvest is a legendary breakfast place in Lansing, but you have to wait in line outside the small place on a normal day, so a game day is far from advised. Menna's is a must-hit place at night for a "dub."

Fridays before Michigan home games, students paint The Rock, drink at Ashley's, have midnight Mud Bowl practices, and streak The Diag. What crazy traditions does your campus have before games?

MSU also has a rock that is painted each week of the year. During Michigan Week (home or away), the Spartan Marching Band and Johnny Spirit stand guard at the Spartan statue 24/7 to protect it. The night before the U-M game, The State News and Michigan Daily play a touch football game at the school that is hosting the Saturday game. On game day, the team walks from the Kellogg Center to the stadium on what is call the "Spartan Walk." Fans line the entire walk. When the reach the statue, the Spartan Marching Band plays while players touch the statue.

What is the best local beer from your school's region?

I'll go with Pete's choice of Grove Street Pale Ale at Harper's.