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Monday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Feels the Peer Pressure

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Recruiting Roundup updates you on the very latest Michigan football recruiting rumblings. How long will it be until Chase Winovich makes an impact at Michigan? Is Michigan done recruiting linebackers in general? Is Da'Shawn Hand leaning toward Michigan? That and more.

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Chase Winovich Chooses Michigan

Three-star outside linebacker Chase Winovich chose Michigan after flipping back and forth between Ohio State and Pittsburgh (I flipped back and forth with him on my crystal ball). The Pennsylvania product is a long, wiry and athletic prospect who will challenge Mike McCray for the starting position when Jake Ryan inevitably graduates to play in the League. We can now safely project Michael Ferns to the inside of the defense.

Check out our new blue post for more.

Linebacker Recruiting Not Finished

Michigan is still in pursuit of multiple SAM prospects, even after taking two linebackers capable of playing on the outside. Ferns will most likely slide inside to the MIKE position now that Winovich is on board, and the staff is looking to add one more beside Winovich.

Candidates for the second SAM spot include Darrion Owens and Dwight Williams, who are both more highly rated than Chase Winovich. Williams sent out an interesting tweet recently:

It's never a bad thing when a recruit tells the Trojans to go away.

Anyway, the staff will go after these two prospects, and Michigan could have itself an even better class of linebackers.

Top Ten Lists Galore

Five-star class of 2015 wide receiver George Campbell has a top ten list:

...for now. It's very early for Campbell, so this list means next to nothing.

Five-star corner Adoree Jackson has one as well:

USC leads for Jackson. Michigan making the list is an obvious positive, and it turns out that Jabrill Peppers' commitment to the Wolverines is actually helping in Jackson's recruitment.

Parrker Westphal doesn't have a top ten list:

...but he needs to get one! Michigan is number one here by miles, so I'm not sure why he feels the need to make a list.

General Notes and Multimedia Items

Da'Shawn Hand only has one official visit planned, that being to Michigan for the Under the Lights game against heated rival Notre Dame. This is a good thing, as is this:

"But my favorite coaching staff is Michigan," Hand said. "With Michigan, what you see if what you get. It's professional. With some, you feel like when you get to college it might change, but with Michigan, everyone says they're straight.

That sounds very close to what Jabrill Peppers said about the coaching staff, and we all know how that worked out.

Four-star offensive lineman Jamarco Jones plans on seeing Michigan, along with a few other Midwestern powers:

Ohio State is the leader here, but take comfort in knowing that Jones' mother is pulling for Michigan. There's a chance.

Artavis Scott killed it at his most recent high school scrimmage:

Plenty of national analysts now believe Michigan is the leader for Scott. The last receiver spot will go to one of K.J. Williams or Scott; I hope it goes to Scott. Five-star 2015 receiver George Campbell wants him to pull the trigger as well:

Peer pressure, man. It might only be a matter of time before Scott is blue.

Michigan target Malik McDowell might transfer to Southfield High School and play next to Michigan commitment Lawrence Marshall:

This would be big for two reasons. First, Marshall has been recruiting McDowell to Michigan ever since he committed, so playing next to him could help Michigan even more. Second, that would be one hellish high school defensive line. Good luck to anyone who might have to face that combination.

Three-star tight end Ian Bunting made a big step toward earning his fourth star:

He'll show up in Oregon looking like the most intimidating receiver and receive his fourth star on the spot. He's also doing his best to bring Da'Shawn Hand to Michigan with he and linebacker Michael Ferns:

Let's make that happen.