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Week In Review Sparty No's Itself

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This week Michigan's attention was zeroed in on two of the best basketball stars they've seen in years as they got called up to The Association. MnB previews the annual fight with the Spartans, and Devin Gardner took matters into his own hands for who we can blame if Michigan loses to Ohio State this season. Your week in review:

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Burke and Hardaway Make John Beilein Giddy. Michigan had two players selected in the first round for just the third time in program history, and there are unconfirmed reports of John Beilein running around New York City with his pants on his head. OK, that didn't happen, but it's certainly validation for Michigan's awesome basketball season.

Devin Gardner Stirs the Buckeye Pot. He guaranteed a win in Ann Arbor this year against Ohio State, and while it certainly wasn't as inflammatory as another Michigan player's quip about a different rival, it got people talking. What about I don't know, but if Urban Meyer needs some motivation for his guys, I recommend placing a poster of Aaron Hernandez in the locker room with the word "NO" written on it.

Spartans Attempt to Avoid Record Number of Couch Fires. The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is one of proximity fueled by something that could easily be confused with the Hatfields and McCoys. MSU's schedule sets up nicely for them, and with new divisions coming in 2014, they'll no longer be able to conveniently dodge Ohio State and still manage to not make a Rose Bowl.

Our friends at The Only Colors believe eight wins is a must for Dantionio this year, or that seat may finally start to get toasty. Meanwhile, searching for a relatively safe tailgating location in East Lansing is tricky but there are some spots that carry a lesser risk of having something thrown at one's head. MSU had some good recruiting fortune the last few seasons while Michigan and Ohio State rebuilt, but no longer. Now it's tales of guys switching schools or deciding to become a rapper rather than spend a few years in East Lansing. Nevertheless, the battle for the Paul Bunyan trophy has produced some great games over the years, 2007 being the pivotal year that made MSU stick up for themselves while Michigan was bad, but it also spawned the insult on which all future wins and losses are based.