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Scouting Trey Burke

Regular readers of Maize n Brew know Trey Burke., but with the NBA draft approaching, let's talk a little more about the best player to don the maize and blue in decades for those who might not know him. Today, let's look at five questions our friends over at SB Nation's NBA sites sent over.

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1. How is this prospect perceived on campus / how will he be remembered?

As either the greatest thing since sliced bread or the invention of fire, depending on how recently one watched The Shot:

I'm never going to get tired of watching this.

There is simply no way to talk about Trey Burke's career at Michigan and his effect on the basketball program without launching into a string of superlatives that end with me a babbling mess on the floor drooling all over myself and laughing maniacally. I wrote over 8000 words on his Michigan career for SBN's longform page and that still wasn't enough. He was that good.

But you, my dear reader, already knew that. He won just about every post-season individual honor he was eligible for, helped carry Michigan to its first title game since the Fab Five era, and was a big part of Michigan's first Big Ten title since the 80s the season before. John Beilein has done a lot to bring Michigan back to the forefront of college basketball, but Trey Burke was his dynamo, the most important player to wear a Michigan uniform in decades, and one of the best Wolverines of all time.

One last thing to put it into perspective. There were times in both the Big Ten and NCAA tournament when I wasn't sure what I was rooting harder for: Michigan to win for its own sake, or for the sake of getting Trey Burke one more game in a Michigan uniform.

He was that good.

2. What anecdote or story best typifies his time at your school?

The best summation of his career has to be the end of regulation vs. Kansas. Not just the shot that he hit, but everything else he did to get Michigan there. He took the game over, scoring ten points down the stretch, while adding a few assists and forcing a back-court violation on Elijah Johnson. He did every single thing right to spur an impossible comeback, and he led Michigan the whole way into overtime.

That is just what Burke did while at Michigan. He took the game over at crucial times. He didn't always come up with the win, and his last second shots didn't always fall, but for better or worse he was the one with the ball in his hands at crunch time, and Michigan would not have been nearly as good without him.

3. What parts of the draft evaluation coverage about the prospect do you think is wrong or missing?

I know it is only natural, but I think people look too closely at his measureables, and not enough at how he affects and controls the game. His height is probably going to be a strike against him for some teams, and ultimately could push him down draft boards. I would say this is the wrong way to look at it. He has an excellent first step, a bevy of shots in his arsenal, and is very good at controlling the tempo. I don't know if there is any point guard in the draft more well equipped to run a fast break, and he is just as good in the half-court using pick-and-rolls to get openings for his shot or passes inside. If some team gets too caught up in him being "too short" for a top-three pick, that team is going to miss out on a really good point guard.

4. What will fans of the NBA love and/or hate about this prospect?

The thing anyone that watches Burke loves is his drive and competitiveness. He is a gamer that doesn't back down from challenges, and will find ways to get his shot off while opening things up for the other team while doing the other little things like a well timed steal or rebound.

Of course, he also has a tendency to play hero-ball, and his isolation game might not be as effective in the NBA when he is checked by bigger, more capable defenders.

5. Anything else you want to share about him?

Whatever team picks up Trey Burke is going to get a lot of devoted fans. That Michigan fans are going to be so invested in the rest of his career really speaks to just how special of a player he is and what he is ultimately capable of.