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Michigan target Malik McDowell to transfer from Detroit Loyola says report

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One of Michigan's best targets will transfer to a new high school this summer.

Michigan target Malik McDowell will transfer high schools, according to a report.
Michigan target Malik McDowell will transfer high schools, according to a report.
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Michigan target Malik McDowell (Detroit, Mich.) will transfer from Detroit Loyola to Southfield High, according to the Detroit News.

The 6-foot-6, 290-pound defensive end is rated a four-star recruit by several sites, and if he joins Southfield, he will be paired with current Michigan commit Lawrence Marshall on the Bluejays’ defensive line.

Although the report said McDowell will transfer, Southfield is unsure if it is his destination school.

“Southfield coach Tim Conley said he has not spoken to McDowell and is unaware if McDowell and his family have moved into the Southfield school district,” the Detroit News wrote Tuesday.

Should McDowell transfer, it could impact his eligibility, unless he meets one the Michigan High School Athletic Association residency exceptions. If the state deems his transfer motivated by athletics, he would be ruled ineligible. If that is the case, some college teams could stop recruiting him altogether.

Michigan is predicted by many recruiting sites as the landing spot for McDowell’s letter of intent signature. He holds offers from Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin, among others.

McDowell recently visited Michigan on Feb. 19 and Mar. 10.

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