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Looking At Michigan's 2015 Home Slate

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Michigan's home schedule has been released, and it isn't the worst thing I've ever seen

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My real world job is at night, but I'd like to get something out there regarding the 2015 home schedule. I'm going to make this quick so I can get to bed.

9/12 Oregon State

9/19 UNLV

9/26 BYU

10/10 Northwestern

10/17 Michigan State

11/7 Rutgers

11/28 Ohio State

Starting things off against Oregon State is going to be cool. Mike Riley has beaten some very good teams during his time with the Beavers, so this could be a very entertaining match-up. I can live without UNLV, so shoot me an email if you want my tickets. BYU has won 72% of their games under Bronco Mendenhall. This could be a similar match-up as the one against Oregon State; not a bad game to check out. Northwestern is kind of a scary team right now, but they could be a full-on frightening by the time 2015 rolls around.

Michigan State is always good to see at home. Their fans are completely obnoxious, but I'd rather deal with them in Ann Arbor than in E.L. At least they won't burn anything in A2. Rutgers...meh. Ohio State...yay! It may be the sleep deprivation, but I think this is actually a decent home schedule. It's certainly better than what we'll be seeing in 2014.