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MnB B1G Preview 2013: Talking tailgating with The Crimson Quarry

College football isn't just about the game, but the pageantry surrounding it. What kind of culture does Indiana football have? The Crimson Quarry answers our questions.


Where should visiting fans go when they come to Bloomington?

If you're looking for quality food then Bloomington's the place. Our alumni bar Nick's has great pub food and drinks. Yogi's (walking distance from the stadium) is just as good. If you want a little more flair to your dining check out 4th St. Bloomington is well known for the fantastic cultural restaurants over there. If you're looking for entertainment you can always hit up Lake Monroe, walk through one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation or pound some beers with the locals on Kirkwood.

What kind of reception should Michigan fans expect when visiting for a game?

For football? We tend to be very inviting. We lack the history of success to be arrogant and we've turned the disappointment into a mild mannered "lets just make sure everyone has a good time". Honestly you can pick pretty much any vehicle or tent in the parking lot and be greeted with a freshly grilled brat and cold welcoming beer. Now if were basketball season, we're slightly less welcoming. For the most part we still save the vitriol for Kentucky. Some friendly ribbing and a drunk frat guy are your only concerns.

Let's say Michigan has a night game on your campus. Where do I go for food/beer before?

Night game? Food and drink? You have to hit the aforementioned Nick's Pub. A lot of IU's social scene is centered around quality beer and liquor. Pretty much everyone that is returning to town for a big game will hit Nick's. For a slightly less raucous experience I would point you towards Upland Brewery. Recently renovated they brew some of the best beer in the Midwest and the food isn't too shabby either. There's also the brand new The Tap on Kirkwood and College. They have 50 craft beers on tap and that's it. If you want food, you're encouraged to order take out or bring your own. You pick the meal and they'll have a craft beer to match it.

Fridays before Michigan home games, students paint The Rock, drink at Ashley's, have midnight Mud Bowl practices, and streak The Diag. What crazy traditions does your campus have before games?

The lack of IU's football tradition means a lack of student tradition geared around the game as well. Of course we still have our year round traditions though. Sink the Biz at Nick's is our specialty. You fill a pitcher with beer and float a glass in it. Everyone takes a turn around the table pouring their beer into the glass. You can pour as much or as little as you want, but if your pour causes the glass to sink you have to drink it. It truly is akin to basketball as one of Indiana's favorite past times. If you like it enough Nick's will sell you a kit so you can play at home.