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There Are Mario Manningham Days to Michigan Football

Waiting for the opening Saturday of college football is agonizing. All we want is 13 weeks of Brent Musberger "pardner" one-liners, the buzz of Michigan Stadium in late November, and jokes about the Bowl Championship Series. Fear not, bleary-eyed traveler. This is a continuing series intended to get through the long, hot summer and back to the glory of football season.

Nick Laham

All he did was catch touchdowns and make announcers inexplicably mispronounce his name. Mario Manningham played like the end zone was always in another castle, and got there by any means necessary. He's still near the top of Michigan's record books in a number of categories, too:

  • Sixth all-time for single-season receptions for his 2007 year (72)
  • Tenth all-time for career receptions (137)
  • Second all-time for his yards in 2007 (1,174)
  • Fifth all-time for career yards at 2,310
  • Sixth all time in season touchdowns (12 TD's in 2007)
  • Fourth in touchdowns for his career (27 TD's)

The defining moment of Manningham's stellar 2007 season has to be the diving/falling backwards touchdown to take the lead at Michigan State with 2:37 to go. When it looked like MSU was in control out came Manningham to catch laser beams from Chad Henne to steal that game. More heroic than even his winning touchdown catch against Penn State the same season, that battle in East Lansing will always be more satisfying, because only the guys in the winged helmets knew they were going to win that game. when Michigan State thought it a done deal. Manningham was an unknown when he got to Michigan, but not when he left.