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Your Friday Drinking Instructions Go To Kokomo (Not THAT Kokomo)

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Indiana is a state with many farms. I'm not really sure about their football team, but Sixpoint Brewing Company in NY makes really good beer.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Indiana is a state with many farms. When I was a kid, I was regaled with tales of my dad's trips to the GM plants in Kokomo a lovely city that constantly smells like a chicken farm.

I like Bloomington, though. Fun college town, good beer, cheap food, classic MAC Big Ten college town. And their administration isn't afraid of using Comic Sans, which at this point quickly delves into self-parody. A friend sent me that link a while back and I wondered why IU's campus police are so busy during the year.

Indiana lucked into what might be the most brutal B1G road schedule of the year, with games at Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, and OSU. Those poor Hoosiers. At least their home schedule isn't terrible, with games against the vaunted ISU Sycamores and Minnesota. Yeesh. For a team with fairly low expectations, a return to six or seven wins seems to be the ceiling here. That won't stop the good people of Bloomington from drinking Three Floyds beers stolen from South Bend and waiting for the roundball season.


The big news of the week seemed to revolve around DaShawn Hand not being targeted by OSU anymore because someone on the usually excellent 11W he doesn't have the "competitive personality" required by OSU or something. I didn't really read it because my eyes were rolling a little too much. This is just a case of one blog's sour grapes about a wonderful, wonderful trollface (thanks, Seth)...

Recruiting's getting to be a bit too much for me. With social media, dedicated sites for schools, and the sludge that is any school's comment board, I tend to just wait for roundups or hilarious videos of pigs.

Oh, yeah, speaking of which, that happened - I for one cannot get enough of the O-line's new pig, Dr. Hamlet III. Now I just need to see a unicycled Mitch McGary (also from Indiana, I think!) carrying Dr. Hamlet around AA to make my life complete. Make this happen, please.

Before I get to the beer I've got in my hand that you should try, I'd just like to recap the best thing I've ever seen from Indiana:


I'm in DC this week and it's raining like crazy, so I picked up some Bengali Tiger IPA from Sixpoint Brewing. It's bitter and strong, which is the perfect thing for a crummy day outside. I'm actually going to compare this beer to the Indiana football team: it's situationally ok but leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It also comes in cans and is from a really good brewery - Sixpoint is awesome. Here, look at this lovely picture:

Truthfully, I've done much more research on this beer than on the football team. I remember Indiana going to a bowl a long time ago, and I don't think Michigan's lost to them in my lifetime. Meh. Anyway, there are only 85 days left until Michigan Football again. We're close, Michigan Faithful.

Until next week, cheers!