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Week In Review Goes Back Home to Indiana

Vegas odds lines came out for some of Michigan's games this week, and the Wolverines are favored in most. MnB is looking ahead to Indiana, where the Hoosiers look to get out of the Big Ten basement. Michigan also has a shiny new 2015 schedule, and one would think the athletic department is doing a wild west theme month.

Gregory Shamus

Vegas Likes Michigan In Games They Should Win. Not exactly deep analysis, but the Wolverines are favored in all of their non-rival games, and larger favorites in some road games. However, the Golden Nugget isn't buying Michigan's home field cookin', because they're underdogs against Ohio State.

Indiana Is Still Part of The Big Ten. Numerous pieces of information about the Hoosiers...probably more than one ever needs in fact. Overview of where they hope to be for this season, some insight from The Crimson Quarry, and where to party in Bloomington if you're taking a road trip. Indiana's schedule has done them no favors, as they face all the conference powers away from home, but perhaps beating Illinois will save them from complete implosion. Take a one-sided trip down memory lane to recall when Indiana lost to Michigan in blowout fashion, until we had to pray to the Forcier to barely beat them a few years ago.

Al Borges's Mind Is Like A Video Game Playbook. Michigan's offensive scheme has nearly completed its transformation to the pro style of mad scientist Borges. Take a look at a breakdown of some of the plays from last season, and imagine them with a senior Devin Gardner. All upside.

Taylor Lewan's Awesome Month Continues. Lewan got picked for's preseason All-American list. Whether that's better than owning a pet pig, I'm not entirely sure.