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Michigan Extends Beilein Through 2018-2019

Subs for everyone!

Mike Stobe

The University of Michigan has made a very good decision in giving John Beilein a contract extension through 2018-2019. There can be no doubt that Beilein has been more successful than any of us had truly thought. Although it was a good hire, I don't recall it having that "Wow!" factor, but more of a "Yeah, okay" factor. But now that we've had subs, it's all been a pretty cool ride.

Dave Brandon's statement, in part:

John has built a team that will compete for Big Ten championships on a regular basis and make exciting NCAA tournament runs.

Beilein said:

I am very excited to have this opportunity to coach at the University of Michigan for at least five more years.

Bacari Alexander is also excited:

Okay, I'm on board! You don't have to yell. Beilein's proven what he can do, and he's obviously a very good recruiter. The details of his contract are unimportant to me; I couldn't care less about the salary. The important part is that we have a coach who believes that Michigan is a destination job; he wants to be around for a while, and the smartest people in the room want to give him that chance. Go Blue!