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Week In Review Goes to Penn Schtaaate

More Michigan players made preseason award watch lists, and a baffling college football draft for other colleges. Penn State has the attention of MnB this week as they enter year two of climbing out of their crater. Elsewhere, Devin Gardner impressed Peyton Manning at his football camp, almost to the point where Manning wasn't still ridiculously bitter about losing the Heisman to Charles Woodson 16 years ago. Your week in review:


Penn State's Road to Relevance. The Nittany Lions come into 2013 with some good vibes, but the storm is off in the distance. Bill O'Brien's team will have a favorable home schedule, but can they get eight wins again? The program is not in tire fire mode yet, so any goodwill they can get before the hammer comes down is a plus, but the game against Michigan in Happy Valley might be what breaks them for 2013. Our friend Black Shoe Diaries believes Penn State won't truly be Penn State again for a very long time. Meanwhile, O'Brien nabbed a strong QB recruit, but the rest of the class is as mysterious as Brady Hoke's dislike of fine coats.

Black Shoe Diaries also provides the 'ol tailgate guide for those travelling to Middle of Nowhere Happy Valley.

The Classics. I, like every other Michigan fan, was terrified of Penn State when they first joined the Big Ten. However, Michigan's fortunes have largely been good against them...except in 2010, which we don't discuss here. My addendum to the list is the 2006 game when Alan Branch and Michigan's terrifying defense injured no less than fifteen Penn State quarterbacks. The score may have been close but the Musberger commentary is reason alone to reminisce.

John Beilein Demands More Subs For All. Michigan has signed Beilein for at least seven more seasons, ensuring the supply of subs to Ann Arbor is plentiful for the foreseeable future. The man has catapulted the Wolverines up the national ladder of prominence and it will only get better.

Devin Gardner Impresses At Football Camp, Receives Confusing Analogies. While Gardner didn't show up tardy to the Manning camp, Mike Mayock, the Notre Dame homer color commentator, gave him high praise for his skills as a quarterback. Not only that, Gardner is generating a good amount of preseason buzz as he leads Michigan for his redshirt junior season.