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2015 Prospect Profile: QB Josh Rosen

Michigan needs a signal caller in the class of 2015 to create depth and competition at the most important position on the roster. Will elite quarterback Josh Rosen be that player, or is he destined to stay near his home state of California?


Film and Ratings

Some of the more impressive sophomore QB highlights you'll ever witness.

Bellflower, California
St. John Bosco High School
6'4", 205 pounds

Rivals: N/A
Scout: N/A
247 Sports: Five-star, #2 Pro-style QB, #5 overall

Rosen will most likely end up being a consensus five-star quarterback, and there's a real possibility of him being the consensus number one overall signal caller; Rivals also sees him as a possible number one overall across all positions. I personally believe that Rosen's all-around game is stronger than that of Ricky Town, but the battle is really too close to call before the two reach college. Anyway, let's get on with it.


Frame: A-
Rosen is at least 6'3", giving him the length necessary to get up to a playing weight of around 220 pounds. A year or two of college weight training will go a long way toward preventing injuries taken from hits at the next level.

Strength: B
First off, let's not confuse this with arm strength, which gets its own category. Rosen is slightly above 200 pounds, so he needs to add at least fifteen pounds before he'll look like a truly elite college quarterback, especially considering that he's over 6'3". He doesn't break too many tackles on film and isn't ever going to truck stick someone like Andrew Luck, but he'll stand strong in the pocket when he gets to his ideal playing weight.

Explosiveness/Acceleration: C+
Speed: C+
Agility: C

Rosen falls under the category of signal callers who are athletic enough to run but lack the athleticism needed to design an offense around running. He's a long strider who takes a few steps to get up to speed, but he can be a threat if you give him space. He doesn't change direction well, which is something that is expected given his long frame.

On-field awareness: A-
Josh sees the field very well for a high school quarterback, making throws to both sides of the field at different depths. He does a great job of keeping his eyes up on zone play fakes and goes through his progression well. His offensive line gives him great blocking, and he often throws the ball within a second, so a lack of evidence regarding his ability to manipulate the pocket keeps me from grading him higher than an A-.

Delivery and mechanics: A
This is definitely one of Rosen's strengths. His delivery is clean, repeatable, and it doesn't take too long for the ball to get out of his hand, although it could be slightly quicker on longer throws, but that's just splitting hairs. His feet stay live until he releases the ball, at which time his feet are almost always set correctly. He also squares his shoulders on throws outside of the pocket, which is something younger quarterbacks can struggle with. It will be interesting to see if he remains poised at the next level when he has to deal with consistent pressure.

Accuracy: A
Surprise, surprise: Rosen's elite mechanics lead to him having an elite accuracy rating. His short throws are money, his intermediate throws are as well, and you won't find many high school sophomores who can hit down field targets like he can. A large portion of his film is of him hitting high school receivers square in the hands, only for them to drop the ball.

Arm Strength: A-
Rosen could have the second strongest arm in his class behind howitzer cannon Ricky Town. He throws the ball into tight ares on more than a handful of occasions on tape, and he also makes long bombs down the opposite sideline look fairly easy. He isn't Ryan Mallet, but he definitely has BCS and NFL-level arm strength.

Ceiling: A
The only thing that worries me about Rosen is the offense he currently plays in, which is wide open and allows him all sorts of time to get the ball out. He has all of the tools, from his frame to his accuracy and beyond. He's going to choose an elite BCS school and should start for multiple years, if not every year.


It's very early in the process for Rosen, who will have the attention of the national media once his cycle comes around. He currently holds offers from California, Michigan, UCLA, USC, Oregon State, Fresno State, Virginia and a handful of other schools. It's interesting to note that Stanford, one of the in-state favorites to land Rosen, hasn't come through with an offer just yet; it's only a matter of time before he gets a call from the Cardinal.

Rosen's 247 timeline shows only one visit to California. Cal should be considered one of the favorites to land him, along with Stanford, UCLA and USC. Michigan has been on Rosen for quite some time now, recruiting him early on before offering him in late May.


This section won't be too useful for the majority of 2015 players at this time because of a lack of information. Rosen is a rising junior in high school, meaning the real part of his recruitment has only just begun. Everyone in the country will be chasing him, so don't expect him to pull the trigger any time soon. I would take the California field over Michigan right now, although Michigan has introduced itself as a serious player in the recruitment of this young gunslinger.