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B1G Football Media Days: A survival guide for Michigan fanss

It's that time of year again, when coaches and select players invade a fancy Chicago hotel and spew coachspeak and catchphrases with the occasional useful nugget of information. What should you, a casual Michigan fan know? Follow me down the rabbit hole.

"Now that was a stupid question"
"Now that was a stupid question"

So, what are these media days?

Days for the media to be all media-like, ask annoying questions of coaches, come up with this season's driving narratives, and eat buffet food on Jim Delany's dime, I'd imagine.

What if I wanted to go?

Should have thought of that a while ago, bub. The train is leaving the station and you're not at the platform.

So I'm shut out?

Not exactly. You can watch the whole thing go down on Big Ten Network, assuming you have it. There is also BTN2Go for the live stream.

Also, we have you covered in a variety of ways. Do you like twitter? Our man on the scene will be Brandon Folsom. Also, SB Nation's resident Big Ten guru/nerd extrodinaire, Rodger Sherman will be live tweeting the whole thing from SBN's B1G twitter account.

You can also check in on important happenings here at SB Nation's story stream. Furthermore, there is a liveblog thing below.

Why should I care?

Because eventually a reporter is going to ask something dumb and a coach is going to snap at them, and that's good TV y'all. But past that, this is an opportunity for fans and media to dig in deep and get a bunch of information about the upcoming season. That and it's a Wednesday in July, so you really have nothing better to do (besides, you know, be at work).

When is my favorite coach going to talk?

Brady will be speaking at 12:30. If he isn't your favorite coach, I suggest you re-evaluate your life decisions that got you here.

Is it just today only?

No, there is a kickoff luncheon tomorrow at 10am CST that includes players signing autographs and pie eating contests*. Really kicking yourself for not showing up now, aren't you?

A full list of players attending is here.

*(one of these is true)

But I'm too la—

Fine. Taylor Lewan, Devin Gardner, and Thomas Gordon will be attending for Michigan. It's just a hyperlink, man. Click it like a man and read.

Anything else?

Seriously, follow things on twitter here and here. And stop by often through the day because we will have any important late breaking news and analysis, like what it means to the conference when Urban Meyer shows up in a Bane mask.

What if you didn't answer my question?

You should have raised your e-hand like the rest of the class.

But if you still need more info, drop a comment below and I'll deliver you a heaping helping of snark (with a side of useful information).

By the way, here is that liveblog I spoke of earlier.