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MnB B1G Preview tailgates with Huskers

Part two of our questionnaire focuses on tailgating culture in Lincoln.

Eric Francis

Where should visiting fans go when they come to Lincoln?

Mike: Tailgating is a hit and miss affair in Lincoln; it's an urban campus downtown. There aren't many wide-open lots for parking, especially to the south and east of the stadium. Instead, you'll find parking garages, which suck for tailgating. Best bets for tailgating are the neighborhoods north of the stadium, or Haymarket Park, just to the northwest, across I-180.

DM: Some of the best tailgating happens in the lots behind the Journal Star building and under the interstate overpass. If you want to get to the Haymarket Park lot Mike mentioned, these lots lead right there. There's some tailgating on the east side of the stadium, it's limited, but it's there. There's also a pavillion area on the north east corner of the stadium, between it and the coliseum where the volleyball team used to play, that has a lot of things for kids to do and is more family friendly. They've developed that a little more every year and had turned into a decent pre-game alternative if tailgating isn't your thing.

Jon: I've only minimally tailgated at a Husker home game, although I don't make it back very often. I'd typically head to Barry's or another bar rather than trying to find a tailgate.

What kind of reception should Michigan fans expect when visiting for a game?

Mike: Husker fans are widely known for their sportsmanship, though we have our share of buttheads. You're far more likely to be handed a free beer and a welcome than be thrown an empty beer bottle.

Jon: Hey, we were nice enough to Texas fans when they came to campus. There are plenty of stories about how well Nebraska fans treat opposing fans - the reason being is that Nebraskans love their football more than they like drinking tons of alcohol and becoming buttheads on game days.

Let's say Michigan has a night game on your campus. Where do I go for food/beer before?

Mike: Why wait for a night game? With an urban stadium, there are plenty of places to eat/drink nearby. Best bets are the Single Barrel at 10th & P, where the infamous Sidetrack Band now plays, (The Sidetrack Band's former home, the Sidekick Bar, burned down three years ago...but the tradition lives on), and Barry's, at 9th & Q. Plenty of other places in the Haymarket (southwest of the stadium) as well.

DM: There's also a lot of development going on in the Haymarket area. When the Wolverines get back to Lincoln, that area will be vastly different from what it was when you were here last year.

Fridays before Michigan home games, students paint The Rock, drink at Ashley's, have midnight Mud Bowl practices, and streak The Diag. What crazy traditions does your campus have before games?

Jon: Dadgum. I guess we'll have to find some students and let you know. We'll be doing an updated "What To Do On Game Day" article before the season starts. We'll make y'all get the link.

Mike: The place to be is Misty's in Havelock, where the pep band performs the night before home games.

What is the best local beer from your school's region?

DM: In Lincoln, you can't go wrong with any of the Empyreans which are brewed out of Lazlo's which is the most prominent restaurant in the Haymarket. A newer label in town is Zip Line which have some really good options as well.