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Week In Review Husks To Heart's Content

The Big Ten held its media day events this past week, and most were concerned about the disciplinary skills of Urban Meyer instead of how long it will take for the conference to become The Big Sixteen. Michigan kept a low-key presence in Chicago, aside from congratulating a young "Ohio" fan for beating "Michigan." Meanwhile, MnB was all Nebraska this week, and managed to go seven days without mentioning the 1997 season. Your week in review:


Nebraska: Still the Big Ten's Weird Step-Brother. The Cornhuskers have become an excellent conference rival for Michigan, but it's still odd to have them in the B1G family, no? Zach had a chat with Corn Nation about how they can recover from the conference championship drubbing (pro tip: less Pelini rage). I myself have wanted to travel to Nebraska, and their fans are a classy bunch, so hang out with them at some prime Lincoln spots to tailgate. What do you get when you combine the arm punting of Nick Sheridan with a senior quarterback? Taylor Martinez. The Nebraska offense must be better, but it won't be pretty.

The Classics...All Eight of Them. Sure, there's only a handful of games between the two teams, but most have been entertaining. The Alamo Bowl was the test case for never using Sun Belt referees in major college athletics, the game in Lincoln last year was why it's a good idea to recruit more quarterbacks, but one stands out. In 1986, Michigan played Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl, before it was for all the Tostitos. It was the only time Tom Osborne faced Michigan, and he lost.

Look for the game this year to be vital to Michigan's chances of making it to Indianapolis.

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