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Lacrosse: Michigan 2013 Recruiting Class Makes Top 20

They just keep building.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Inside Lacrosse released their rankings for the top 20 recruiting classes, and the Michigan Wolverines appear at #18. Considering there are only 63 teams playing in D-1, ranking in the top third is a huge step for such a young program. Michigan has a long way to go before they reach the recruiting status of the Marylands, Virginias, and Dukes of the world, but at least those types of classes can be seen on the distant horizon.

In addition to their #18 ranking, they've been able to grab three players in the IL Power 100 Freshman rankings. The Wolverines have #45 Ian King (A, St. Xavier/OH), #67 Robbie Zonino (G, Conestoga/PA), and #75 Mike Schlosser (M, Davis/CA).

In other recruiting news...

Here is some video on Prior...