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There Are Thirteen Days to Michigan Football

Thirteen. That's all that remains until opening Saturday in Ann Arbor. All the off season hi jinx, NCAA tomfoolery, hit pieces, scandals, and replays of painful losses will just float away come sunrise on that day. Michigan Stadium has sat dormant for too long, the sidelines empty, clamoring for the rumble of band, team and fans. Our countdown series continues down the home stretch, honoring the players and games of Michigan lore.

Jonathan Daniel

Greg Matthews was one of those players recruited by Lloyd Carr who endured a coaching change, and saw one moment of glory in an otherwise failure of a season. During Michigan's stretch of beating Notre Dame in glorious and hilarious fashion, the Irish came to Ann Arbor a top-20 team. Greg Matthews caught a pass in the north end zone, in front of the Notre Dame band (where yours truly was also sitting). and silenced every one of them. The look of horror on Charlie Weis's face, knowing that he was likely already fired no matter the outcome of the rest of the season, and the vacant expressions on Irish fans. Weis didn't leave the stadium without a huff and a puff either, but the only thing that matters is that Greg Matthews is the guy who crushed Notre Dame that day.