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YFD Talks Tailgating at OSU with Land-Grant Holy Land

YFD gets some answers about gamedays, and most importantly, food and beer at Ohio State games, thanks to Brett Ludwiczak of Land-Grant Holy Land

Jamie Sabau

Where should visiting fans go when they come to Columbus?

While there are tailgating lots on the western and northwestern side of the stadium, the nice thing about Ohio Stadium is the close proximity to Lane and High Streets which means if you want to head to a number of bars/public tailgates before the game you can do so. Hineygate and the Varsity Club are popular destinations along Lane Avenue, while Little Bar and Out-r-Inn are two of the more popular bars along (or close to) High Street.

What kind of reception should Michigan fans expect when visiting for a game?

While the Buckeyes are well known to not give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, any Wolverine fans coming down to Columbus for the game can expect to encounter some trash talking of varying degrees, but anything beyond that is the exception and not the rule. While treatment of some fan bases that came to Columbus wasn't the greatest in the early aughts, the university has campaigned for Ohio State fans to be "The Best Damn Fans in the Land" when it comes to welcoming visiting fans and it's seemed to make a difference. Outside of a few extremely intoxicated bad seeds (mostly townies unaffiliated with the school in any formal sense), you're unlikely to see anything different from any other major college campus.

Since Michigan won't ever have a night game on your campus, where do I go for food/beer after glorious victory over the Buckeyes?

Hopefully this doesn't happen anytime soon, but should Michigan fans be in Columbus and celebrating a victory after "The Game", I would again have to recommend Little Bar and Out-r-Inn. 4th Street Bar and Grill at the corner of 16th and 4th has a very sizable draft selection of craft beers. Heading farther south on High Street there are a number of bars/restaurants in the South Campus Gateway. The Short North area is a cheap cab ride from campus and any bourbon fans should definitely make their way to Barrel 44 Whiskey Bar.

"What are we serving tonight, chicken or....chicken?" - Tommy Callahan said that in "Tommy Boy" and if you head to southern chain Raising Canes on 14th and High those are the only options that you get, but the lack of variety on the menu is made up for by some great chicken tenders and a magical dipping sauce. Another favorite of many Buckeyes is PJ's, which is convenient because it is right across the street from Out-r-Inn. I should warn you though, under no circumstances should you ever eat PJ's Fat Sandwiches sober. You won't want to know what was on the sandwich you drunkenly ate last night, but at the time you eat it you will love it.

Fridays before Michigan home games, students paint The Rock, drink at Ashley's, have midnight Mud Bowl practices, and streak The Diag. What crazy traditions does your campus have before games?

The craziest tradition that Ohio State has is the Mirror Lake Jump, which used to be done on the Thursday night before the Michigan game, but with the game being moved to the Saturday after Thanksgiving, is now done on the Tuesday of the Michigan game. The net result is a bunch of bathing suit clad undergrads diving into the often icy waters of small, manmade on-campus lake late in November in the midwest. "Liquid coats" are in abundance when this all goes down.

Not so much a crazy tradition, but the "Blood Battle" (a blood donation fundraiser) between Ohio State and Michigan always seems to be fierce. Last year Ohio State beat out Michigan in donors after the Wolverines had taken the last four crowns.

What is the best local beer from your school's region?

While Columbus Brewing Company brews in The Capital City, Great Lakes Brewing, out of Cleveland, has the upper hand on Ohio beers in my opinion. With "The Game" taking place in late November, nothing would compliment the usual chill that is in the air like a couple of Great Lakes seasonal Christmas Ales. Being that they are produced for only eight weeks, Christmas Ale can be hard to acquire sometimes, but the rest of the stable of beers that Great Lakes brews are still tasty.