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Ex-Wolverines in the NFL: Preseason Week Two

The second week of the preseason lost track of a threesome from this year's draft class, saw Tom Brady continue to be Tom Brady, and wonders if Chad Henne will ever find a starting job.

Jared Wickerham

Jay Feely (K, Undrafted in 1999, Arizona Cardinals):

The Cardinals beat the Cowboys 12-7 last Saturday, with all twelve points coming from the right foot of Jay Feely from 25, 53, 40, and 22 yards. But Feely missed a 30-yarder which didn't sit well with head coach Bruce Arians, who called it "unacceptable." Arians went on to say that "somebody's accountable" in regards to the missed kick and the lack of offense, concluding that "[w]e'll get it fixed." That's caused some rumblings that Feely's job may not be secure, even though he was the only kicker Arizona used against Dallas.

Alan Branch (DT, 33rd in 2007 to Cardinals, Buffalo Bills):

After a mediocre start to the preseason, Branch elevated his play last Friday against the Vikings, recording two solo tackles and one assist on 21 snaps. However, he added to Buffalo's large penalty total - 14 - with a five-yard neutral zone infraction. There are four other players Alan's battling with to earn the fourth spot at defensive tackle, and it seems he's behind in the race to Jay Ross, a nose tackle from East Carolina. Branch needs to stand out in the final preseason games and minimize his mistakes to crack the Bills roster.

Leon Hall (CB, 18th in 2007 to Bengals, Cincinnati Bengals):

As expected, Hall received more action last Saturday against the Titans. Leon played for 35 defensive snaps - a little less than half, at 47% - and recorded three solo tackles with an assist as well. Nothing to worry about with Hall, he's still the number one corner in Cincinnati.

Roy Roundtree (WR, Undrafted in 2013, Cincinnati Bengals):

After doing nothing in Week One, Roundtree made the most of his 12 snaps against the Titans with one reception for 18 yards. On 3rd-and-11, Roy caught the pass about a yard shy of the first down marker but gained eight yards after the catch to move the chains. Unfortunately, the nice play helped coaches and fans forget Roy's illegal formation on second down. Roundtree was targeted once more, but the pass fell incomplete. Roy's still on the outside looking in, and the playing time he receives in the last two games will be telling of his future in Cincinnati.

Tim Jamison (DE, Undrafted in 2009, Houston Texans):

It seems Jamison doesn't have to worry about retaining his spot as backup to J.J. Watt after all. Even though he has yet to do much on the stat sheet (he had one assist in last Saturday's game against the Dolphins), Jamison's impressed head coach Gary Kubiak, who referred to Tim as "an effort player" and that the staff's "been pleased with his progress."

Chad Henne (QB, 57th in 2008 to Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars):

The Jaguars ended all debate over Gabbert vs. Henne yesterday, naming Blaine Gabbertas their starting quarterback for the 2013 season. Henne blew his shot at the starting job last Saturday against the Jets by following Gabbert's impressive performance (13/16 for 165 yards and one touchdown) with 30 yards on 4 for 10 passing, no touchdowns, and one interception. Chad also added one rushing attempt, for zero yards. However, Gabbert will miss the rest of the preseason with a fractured thumb, giving Henne the starting spot for the last two preseason games. Even though the Jaguars expect Gabbert to start the season, regardless of how good Chad might look in the coming weeks, Henne has a chance to prove himself and start the season if Gabbert's thumb injury lingers.

Denard Robinson (RB/OW, 135th in 2013 to Jaguars, Jacksonville Jaguars):

Denard continued his first NFL preseason with an average game against the Jets. He led all running backs with 23 offensive snaps and 29 yards rushing. The downside: it required 11 attempts, with a long of nine yards, for Denard. Take away the nine-yard run, and Denard averaged two yards on 10 carries. Not good. However, Robinson showed he could catch the ball in Week 2, snagging two receptions for 16 yards. So far through two games, Denard's received the most carries on the Jaguars with 20. He'll need to start gaining more yards if he wants to earn a frequent role in the offense.

Junior Hemingway (WR, 238th in 2012 to Chiefs, Kansas City Chiefs):

After missing the first preseason game with a thumb injury, Hemingway bounced back this week with some nice work in practice. He translated that into some decent playing time against the 49ers last Friday. On 16 offensive snaps, Hemingway was targeted once and caught the pass for a 7-yard gain. Junior also saw a lot of time on special teams, playing for 10 snaps and recording one tackle on a kickoff. A backup spot isn't set in stone for Hemingway, and he'll have to continue to show why he deserves one in the final two weeks of preseason.

Jordan Kovacs (S, Undrafted in 2013, Miami Dolphins):

Even though he saw a good amount of actions against the Texans last Saturday, it doesn't look good for Kovacs making anything more than the Dolphins practice squad. Jordan played 21 defensive and 13 special teams snaps, recording two tackles on the day. As some have noted, it doesn't seem Jordan's ready for the NFL with the word "inconsistent" being used. Hopefully Kovacs can make the practice squad and eventually work his way onto an NFL roster.

Tom Brady (QB, 199th in 2000 to Patriots, New England Patriots):

Tom Brady is Tom Brady and he did his thing last Friday against the Bucs. Brady dominated, going 11 of 12 on the day for 107 yards and a touchdown. That's a pretty nice stat line considering he only played two series and the his last pass of the game was his lone incompletion. Tom gave every one a scare when he grabbed his left knee in practice last Wednesday - the same knee that sidelined him for the entire 2008 season - but he ended up being fine. And his commanding start to the preseason bodes well for regular and post season success.

Zoltan Mesko (P, 150th in 2010 to Patriots, New England Patriots):

Mesko helped his case against rookie punter Ryan Allen last Friday, booting three punts - 47, 50, and 36 yards - for an average of 40 yards. Allen only managed two punts for an average of 29 yards, with one punt for 35 yards and the other a touchback when he could have pinned the Bucs deep in their own zone. Even though Allen has two factors helping his cause - he's younger and he's cheaper - it looks like Mesko's experience will win out.

Steve Breaston (WR, 142nd in 2007 to Cardinals, New Orleans Saints):

The worries about Breaston's future in New Orleans were confirmed on Monday after the Saints released him. He didn't do anything special against the Raiders on Friday, and that didn't help his situation. On 13 offensive and two special teams snaps, Breaston recorded two reception - one for four yards, the other for negative four yards - for a net gain of zero yards. It's disappointing to see him struggle to make an NFL roster, but teams struggling to find wide receiver depth could do worse than adding Breaston.

Elliott Mealer (C, Undrafted in 2013, New Orleans Saints):

Elliott only played for two snaps against the Raiders, and the only positive takeaway is that he wasn't released by the Saints during the team's busy week. However, fellow offensive lineman Ricky Henry was cut, which is good news for Mealer. The Saints may still be in his future if he gets more reps and prove himself.

David Baas (C, 33rd in 2005 to 49ers, New York Giants):

There's only bad news for Baas from week two. After playing only three snaps, David sustained damage to his MCL, but not his ACL. He's expected to miss the rest of the preseason and possibly some of the regular season. This is disappointing for Baas, as he was expected to resume his starting role after having some minor procedures during the offseason. It also impacts the Giants, shaking up their offensive line if Baas missing extended time.

Stevie Brown (S, 251st in 2010 to Raiders, New York Giants):

Brown performed well against the Colts on Sunday, playing for 21 defensive snaps while recording 3 tackles (one for a loss) and one assist. He already owns the starting job, and all Brown needs to do is stay healthy to keep it.

Ryan Mundy (S, 194th in 2008 to Steelers, New York Giants):

After Antrel Rolle suffered an ankle sprain in practice, Mundy took over across from Stevie Brown as New York's other starting safety. While Rolle insists he'll be ready for the start of the season, this is just the opportunity Mundy needs to prove himself in the NFL. Ryan's used to stepping in for an injured star (he backed up Troy Polamalu in Pittsburgh) and on 21 defensive snaps, Munday recorded one tackle and one assist. He also played on five special teams snaps. Read more about Mundy and his replacement of Rolle here.

Braylon Edwards (WR, 3rd in 2005 to Browns, New York Jets):

While his stats look decent - 3 receptions for 49 yards - Braylon Edwards continued to disappoint last week as he was unable to perform well against Jacksonville's backups. It's good that Braylon still believes in himself, but he might be the only one in New York that does these days.

David Harris (ILB, 47th in 2007 to Jets, New York Jets):

Harris looked horrible against the Jaguars according to multiple sources (here and here). He seems to be a step behind the action, illustrated by an unnecessary roughness call when he hit Denard Robinson late out of bounds. In short, Harris needs to get his act together.

Charles Woodson (FS, 4th in 1998 to Raiders, Oakland Raiders):

Not much to report here. Woodson didn't need to do much against the Saints last week, and he didn't. Charles only recorded one tackle for the game, but the starting safety job is still his regardless.

Jason Avant (WR, 109th in 2006 to Eagles, Philadelphia Eagles):

Jason built on a solid start to the preseason with a good performance against the Panthers last Thursday. He hauled in four receptions for 42 yards, causing some to call Avant's hands "the best hands in the NFC East." The only negative for Avant's week was a 10-yard offensive pass interference penalty.

Brandon Graham (LB, 13th in 2010 to Eagles, Philadelphia Eagles):

In his new linebacker position, Graham only recorded one tackle against the Panthers last week and according to those who follow the Eagles closely, he's not performing well. The Eagles won't cut Graham, but hopefully with more time Brandon will look more at home as a linebacker.

Larry Foote (ILB, 128th in 2002 to Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers):

Before playing the Redskins yesterday, Foote was busy knocking out his own teammate in practice. Lighting up his teammate was a bigger story this week than his play, as Larry had a quiet game with one tackle and one assist. Hopefully he doesn't take out any more of the Steelers running backs, since they seem to be injury prone.

LaMarr Woodley (OLB, 46th in 2007 to Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers):

LaMarr's doing it all these days: he's helping out his hometown of Saginaw and playing good for the Steelers. Woodley didn't do much on paper against the Redskins - he recorded one sack and drew a holding penalty - but he's playing better than his stats show. If he continues to build momentum into the season, he has a chance to climb the Steelers all-time sacks leader board.

David Molk (C, 226th in 2012 to Chargers, San Diego Chargers):

Molk seems to have all but secured the backup spot on the Chargers roster after registering 38 snaps (54%) against the Bears last Thursday. There's not much else to say (since centers don't really record stats, other than a pancake every now and again) other than it's promising to see him get a lot of playing time.

Jonas Mouton (ILB, 61st in 2011 to Chargers, San Diego Chargers):

Season-ending torn ACL suffered on the first day of training camp.

Stephen Schilling (RG, 201st in 2011 to Chargers, San Diego Chargers):

It seems like the Chargers coaches didn't agree with the criticism from last week, as Schilling received as many snaps as Molk against the Bears. He's still listed as second string right guard, and the increase in playing time (and no negative reactions that I could find) look good for his future in San Diego.

Jonathan Goodwin (C, 154th in 2002 to Jets, San Francisco 49ers):

The 49ers are still keeping quiet on what bothered Goodwin last week, but the good news is that he played against the Chiefs last Friday. Goodwin was on the field for 19 snaps, and there's nothing indicating that his injury is still bugging him.

Mario Manningham (WR, 95th in 2008 to Giants, San Francisco 49ers):

Unfortunately, Manningham has been placed on the PUP list this weekand won't be able to rejoin the 49ers roster until at least week 6 of the regular season. He didn't play against the Chiefs, and there won't be much to report about him until he returns.

Patrick Omameh (G, Undrafted in 2013, San Francisco 49ers):

Omameh 51 offensive and 3 special teams snaps against the Chiefs, but he's still a longshot to make the 49ers roster. Patrick underwhelmed again in week two, making mistakes and looking over-matched. It would be a surprise at this point if he cracks the 49ers roster.

Jake Long (LT, 1st in 2008 to Dolphins, St. Louis Rams):

Nothing of note on the Jake Long front. He started against the Packers last Saturday, and he's primed for a big season.

Mike Martin (DT, 82nd in 2012 to Titans, Tennessee Titans):

Martin didn't record any stats last week against the Bengals, and there doesn't seem anything to report about him this week.

Martell Webb (TE, Undrafted in 2011, Tennessee Titans):

As I mentioned last week, Webb's signed to a futures contact, and it doesn't look like he'll be receiving any playing time in the near future. It's unfortunate that Webb can't crack an NFL roster.

Kenny Demens (ILB, Undrafted in 2013, Arizona Cardinals), Craig Roh (DE, Undrafted in 2013, Carolina Panthers), William Campbell (RG, 178th in 2013 to Jets, New York Jets):

Three Wolverines from this year's draft class were M.I.A. this week. I couldn't find anything on their whereabouts: if they played, if they got cut, if they all decided to join the Lions, etc. Any information on there status would be much appreciated.