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There Are 11 Days Until Michigan Football

11. That's all that remains until opening Saturday in Ann Arbor. All the off season hi jinx, NCAA tomfoolery, hit pieces, scandals, and replays of painful losses will just float away come sunrise on that day. Michigan Stadium has sat dormant for too long, the sidelines empty, clamoring for the rumble of band, team and fans. Our countdown series continues down the home stretch, honoring the players and games of Michigan lore.


Last year they put the jersey on Jordan Kovacs.  Number 11, with a Legends patch.

It was an honor both ways.  To wear the jersey of the Wistert brothers — Francis, Albert, and Alvin — in the Big House is to connect to Michigan football lore.  Three brothers, three all-Americans, and three college football hall of famers.

But the Wisterts would have been proud too, to see their old jersey donned by Jordan Kovacs, a player that exemplifies everything great about college sports.  A young man plucking himself out of obscurity, facing long odds and adversity, working through two years of brutal conditions and always getting better.  He went from walk-on to unquestioned defensive leader.  Something Michigan fans, and the Wisterts, can be proud of.

There are just 11 days left until Michigan football.  Less than two weeks until Team 134 runs out from the tunnel and takes the field.

Get ready.