We Need To Hate Ohio State, I Need Your Help

Hello Maize N Brew

Buffalo is taking on Ohio State on August 31st, while the Wolverines will face off against Central Michigan and for one day, we will both be very big fans of each other. Beating CMU won't do much for us, but I definitely do not want to see CMU play well, I'd like their confidence down. On the other hand if UB could ruin tOSU's season before it starts, I imagine Ann Arbor would be pretty happy about that.

I am a writer at UB blog, UB Bull Run and I run a series during the football season called "Pregame Meal" where I review the best food and drink for gameday and I focus on things to love and things to hate about each opponent.

Last year I think the hate component really suffered, so I thought it would be cool to learn to hate straight from the source, each team's fiercest rival.

In the comments, please share your hatred for tOSU, Ohio Stadium, for Urban, for Columbus, the State, for OSU fans, and for any particularly annoying players. Let us know why tOSU is an awful place, let the hate flow through you, and hopefully our collective hate can will Buffalo to victory.

Thanks for the help Maize N' Brew Nation.

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