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YFD Predicts The Season, Will Eat Crow

Yeah, this is gonna be some homerism. Football season is here, so you should have a beer pairing for each game. Here's what MnB suggests. Not to pip the roundtable for predictions, but here ya go.

It's football, right? Same thing?
It's football, right? Same thing?
Stuart Franklin
Note: This is incredibly homeristic. But the beers are fantastic. I'm done predicting mediocre seasons. Even if it means I'm wrong. Everyone says 9-3 this year - well, bully to that.

Prediction: W, 30-13
Record: 1-0
Recommended Beer: Bell's Oberon - drink your summer beers while you can.
Offense takes it easy adjusting to game-speed with new system. Defense stifles a CMU offense that's much weaker than Michigan fans are used to seeing. A giveaway leads to a score in this one.

Prediction: W, 42-10
Record: 2-0
Recommended Beer: A session lager - the beer should flow with this one.
Terry Bowden's squad shows improvement from 1-11, but not much. I'll be watching this one on BTN with an open beer regardless of kickoff time.

Prediction: W, 26-21
Record: 3-0
Recommended Beer: Bell's Two-Hearted. Fall is here, and what better way to warm up to a night game than Bells' best beer?
Michigan's obvious big hurdle. I have no idea who Notre Dame's quarterback is, but their defense is pretty good and they usually have a sixth-or-seventh year running back who can grind. This is the game on the schedule I'm most concerned about before Thanksgiving's showdown with the Bucks.

Prediction:  W, 17-13
Record: 4-0
Recommended Beer: Sam Adams' Oktoberfest. Let's give a shout to the kind-of-local Boston Brewing Company and another excellent edition of Oktoberfest.
This one's ugly. Really silly to give up a home game to a stadium seating 40,000, but hey, Connecticut is fertile recruiting soil, right? This seems like a clear case of building a record against the vaunted AAC.

Prediction: W, 35-17
Record: 5-0
Recommended Beer: Goose Island Harvest Ale - a nice, hoppy beer now that we're officially into fall.
In my world, Michigan's now 5-0 after a thumping of Minnesota. Hello, Brown Jug.

@Penn State
Prediction: L, 17-23
Record: 5-1
Recommended Beer: Lots and lots of Yuengling.
Yikes. I think Michigan drops an away game, and I think this one is it. Penn State is doing good things. I hope I'm wrong here - they could regress - but Happy Valley is still very tough to play. Obligatory plug to any traveling M fans - go get some Peachy (is it still called Paterno?) from the Creamery.

Prediction: W, 38-21
Record: 6-1
Recommended Beer: Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale. A bit hoppy, but dark.
Michigan gets on track here with a solid win - this one isn't ever close.

Prediction:  W, 21-17
Record: 7-1
Recommended Beer: Bell's Sweet Potato Stout (if available) New Belgium Pumpkick if not. It's now November, and a Halloween beer or a stout seems appropriate for a cold game up in East Lansing.
I think Michigan pulls this one out. They're a better team, and despite being on the road, Michigan's defense eats whoever's under center for the Spartans alive.

Prediction: W, 31-28
Record: 8-1
Recommended Beer: Short's Good Humans (brown ale). Perfect for a cool fall Saturday.
This one's a shootout that could go either way but clearly I'm being a homer in these predictions.

Prediction: W, 27-24
Record: 9-1
Recommended Beer: Royal Oak Pappy's Porch Sippin Porter - we're getting dark here - and this sucker comes in cans.
Another shootout? Yep. Venric Mark is good at football and keeps this close or even puts the 'Cats in the lead with a long return.

Prediction: W, 23-21
Record: 10-1. Really? really.
Recommended Beer: The luckiest beer you can find. At a loss here.
I'm really torn here. I initially predicted a loss but then I remembered Iowa went 4-8 last year and doesn't have a QB either. Michigan tends to make heroes out of walk-on QBs (see: McGloin, Matt) but oh at this point whatever it's a win.

Ohio State
Prediction: W, 26-23
Record: 11-1
Recommended Beer: Bell's Winter White. Winter is upon us, and this is my favorite winter beer.
Yeah, I predicted a 11-1 season. Ohio State will be really good at this point and potentially shooting for an undefeated season. Michigan should have beaten them last year - if not for  a few immature decisions and bad penalties the game was theirs. Plus I'll shell out over $200 for this game so they better win.

This would then mean Michigan goes to the Big Ten Championship Game, where I say they probably rematch with Ohio State. I honestly don't know what's going to happen. I think M goes 1-1 vs OSU this year, but if they somehow catch some lightning in a bottle I will be the happiest amount of happy. Aww, screw it. They win this and win the Big Ten. Third year coaching magic.

Final prediction: 12-1, Rose Bowl bound.

Or they could drop the MSU and OSU games and finish 9-3 and play in Florida on New Years' Day, but if I predict that and they go 12-1 I look like an asshole.